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Job Creation Measure Passes Senate

A bipartisan measure that extends tax credits for companies and brings jobs to Illinois is now headed to the Governor after it passed the Senate this week. House Bill 162 extends the program known as EDGE, short for Economic Development for a Growing Economy, which serves as a vital economic tool to ensure businesses stay in Illinois.

Senate Republicans Continue Push for School Funding Parity

Senate Democrats voted this week to override the governor’s amendatory veto of Senate Bill 1. Senate Republicans remain open to bipartisan negotiations on a new proposal that will deliver the necessary and equitable funding many school districts seek.

Rauner signs Rezin's Parental Rights for the Blind Act into law

Sen. Rezin is pleased to announce the Parental Rights for the Blind Act was signed into law in Illinois. What this means for those who are blind.

Rezin statement on Democrats overriding Governor’s Amendatory Veto of SB 1

“Instead of using Governor Rauner’s Amendatory Veto as a bridge to bipartisan compromise on education funding reform, Senate Democrats instead chose to override the Governor’s Amendatory Veto of Senate Bill 1 on their own, legislation that treats Chicago Public Schools better than the rest of the state."

Senate Republicans call for bipartisan compromise, point to Senate Bill 1’s shortcomings

Senate Republican lawmakers say that while they remain committed to finding compromise on a school funding bill that fixes the state’s broken school aid formula, they will not support a vote this weekend on the Democrat majority’s Senate Bill 1—which masks a Chicago school bail out as funding reform. Voting to support Senate Bill 1 in its original form is the only vote the Senate will be allowed to take, according to the Democrat majority.

Residents ages 16 and 17 allowed to register as organ donors, under new law

Residents ages 16 and 17 can now become organ and tissue donors, under the Drive for Life Act signed into law this week.

New law allows parolees to receive free birth certificates

In an effort to make it easier for individuals out of prison to re-enter society, Gov. Bruce Rauner signed Senate Bill 1413, which allows men and women to receive their birth certificates for no fee upon their release from the Department of Corrections.

Illinois adopts new set of purchasing rules

Illinois now has a new set of rules for its purchasing system. Senate Bill 8 was signed into law this week and makes the state procurement process more efficient and transparent, while also saving money for Illinois taxpayers.

Illinois’ unemployment rate drops, but growth continues to lag

Underscoring the need for economy-boosting structural reforms, Illinois gained 56,600 jobs over the past year, but the state’s jobs growth rate continues to lag the nation, according to the latest unemployment rates from released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES).

Illinois State Fair kicks off Aug. 10

The Illinois State Fair, a tradition dating back to 1853, gets underway Aug. 10 in Springfield. The 11-day event, which brings hundreds of thousands of people though its gates, celebrates agriculture, the state’s number one employer and driver of the state’s economy.

Special Session On School Funding

Lawmakers returned to the Capitol July 26 after Gov. Rauner issued a proclamation calling for a special legislative session on school funding in Illinois. Though Senate Republicans were disappointed that little was accomplished during the week, prior to adjourning on Friday the Governor asked key Republican lawmakers to reach out to their Democrat colleagues to negotiate on a bipartisan school funding reform plan that could be presented to him by July 31.

Republicans urge Democrat leaders to send school funding legislation to Governor

Even though a state budget is in place, Democrats are preventing schools from getting state funding by playing political games with a new formula that is required by law to be enacted before they can receive the bulk of their funding for the coming school year. Senate Republicans are asking Democrat leaders to stop manufacturing an unnecessary crisis and take action, to ensure Illinois schools receive their state funding and their doors open on time.

Charlie’s Law offers life-saving treatments to children

Legislation signed into law this week will ensure that children are able to receive life-saving treatments for autoimmune disorders connected to streptococcal infections known as PANDAS.

LaSalle News Tribune article on Great Lakes Basin Railroad

This project, which cuts through most of my Senate District in Illinois, has far too many more questions than answers, and more problems than solutions. The biggest reason this project should not move forward is pretty simple: landowners I represent don’t want the project, don’t want to give up their land, and don’t want the trains.

Budget unbalanced, fraught with errors

A thorough review of the budget, which was rushed through the process before it was vetted by most lawmakers, legislative staff or the public, revealed numerous mistakes and errors that will make it difficult—if not impossible—to enact some parts of the budget.